Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost to fix my instrument?

Sorry, but it is just too hard to estimate costs without at least a detailed description, or photos, or seeing it. However, many jobs do have a fixed price and these can be discussed.

How long will it take?
Set-ups will usually take 2 days, most larger jobs 1-3 weeks. Bow rehairing is 1-3 days. An expectation of completion time will be given with all work.

Do you train people?
No. At this time I am not contemplating employing anyone.

Can I make my own instrument?
Probably. I am happy to help with advice, and the internet has made information easier to find than ever. Kitset instruments are available for the fainthearted.


What is a luthier?
It is a person who makes or repairs stringed musical instruments. It comes from the French word for lute maker.

So you found a Stradivarius in the cupboard?

It is possible. But it is not possible to tell you whether it is or isn't over the phone! Bring it to the workshop for examination. Remember, the label is the least important clue to the origin of the violin. And if it isn't a Strad, it may still be a very good instrument.

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